Korfball is a fast growing sport in the UK and it is played in over 50 countries world wide. The sport, which originates from Holland (the word korf is simply Dutch for basket), is the world’s only true mixed team sport with rules that ensure that both men and women have equal opportunities.

Korfball is a dynamic sport where teams of eight players divide into two sections; two male, two female in each section. Playing area consists of two large squares joined along the centre line, each square with a korf placed one third in from the back line. One section starts the game in attack, the other in defence. Attacking and defending players swap roles every time two goals have been scored.

The principles are similar to those of netball, handball and basketball but the unique defending and mixed sex rules make for a much more varied game at a much faster pace.

Korfball is accessible to both young and old, from the complete beginner to the international performer. This could be the ideal opportunity for your friends and family to play the same sport together. Korfball is the most inclusive of sports and truly a team game where players cannot succeed unless they work together. Here is a video explaining the rules of korfball:


If you’re interested in playing or wish to know more please contact us at info@nottskorfball.co.uk.