Nottingham Korfball Club intends to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that adequate measures are taken, on a proactive basis, to reduce to a minimum the risk of injury to players and spectators from Korfball activities within the United Kingdom.

Nottingham Korfball Club will implement the Health and Safety Policy, issue instructions and offer advice, as appropriate, to all those associated with Nottingham Korfball Club. Everyone has a health and safety responsibility and this shared responsibility reduces the burden upon any one person or organisation to an acceptable level.

The Health and Safety policy will be reviewed at the end of the season and any changes considered to be necessary will be introduced before the commencement of the following season.

All those taking coaching sessions are at least at a BKA Level 1 standard.

Young Players
All adults playing an active role in the coaching and managing of youngsters are DBS checked and that such checks are renewed upon expiry of the existing check. A complete record of DBS checks must be maintained by Nottingham Korfball Club.

Prior to commencing training sessions or matches, a common-sense check of the pitch to ensure it is safe for play and:
(i) specifically delegate the inspection duties to responsible persons.
(ii) set aside sufficient time before starting an activity to allow for a proper inspection of the facilities.
(iii) not allow players, and particularly enthusiastic youngsters, to start practising on a pitch before it is considered safe to do so by the coach or manager.

Players’ Attire
Players must be instructed to remove fashion items (such as earrings, bracelets and jewellery), or to tape them up or, in the case of religious or medical bracelets, cover them with a sweatband if they cannot be removed. Anyone refusing to do so must not be allowed to take part in the activity until this has been done. For both training sessions and matches, the coach or manager
must take the necessary action.

Players must ensure their glasses/spectacles are securely fitted during practice and matches.

Players, coaches and managers must ensure that a player’s footwear is suitable for the playing surface and conditions, and fastened securely.

Chewing Gum and Eating Sweets
A player must not have any items in his or her mouth. Anyone refusing to remove such items must not be allowed to take part in the activity until he or she does so.

All fingernails must be kept short (ie not visible when looking at them from the palm-side of the hand) and players must not be allowed to play whilst wearing sculptured fingernails. Players not adhering to this instruction must not be allowed to take part in the activity.

Long Hair
Long hair must be tied back in such a way as not to cause a risk of injury.

Medical Conditions
A player must have, or the parent or carer must ensure that the player has, the appropriate medications to hand (eg inhalers for asthma sufferers).

Medical Attention
Adequate first aid facilities must be to hand at all times during matches and practice. If an injury is anything other than superficial, the player should be taken to hospital, or an ambulance called for potentially more serious injuries. For the less serious injuries, the injured player should be removed from the pitch within two minutes, unless this could worsen the injury, and treatment should be administered off the pitch as to apply, for example, water or an ice-pack on the pitch could make the floor more slippery and risk further subsequent injuries.

Nottingham Korfball Club will have least one first-aider and each team will have its own firstaid kit. If blood is spilt onto a player’s playing clothing, the item of clothing must be changed.

Players under the Influence of Alcohol, Illegal Drugs or other Banned Substances
A player must not be allowed to take part in a training session or a match if he or she is considered to be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or other banned substances.

Prior to a match or training session:
– make sure the bases are stable;
– make sure the korfs/baskets are securely fixed to the posts;
– make sure the balls are in good condition;
– make sure that the posts and bases are only lifted and carried by adults;
– encourage those handling the equipment to bend their knees when lifting and putting down any items;
– make sure that at least two adults are present when handling these items,
– and make sure those not actually carrying these items are kept well clear of those that are.

Only bring plastic bottles to training sessions and matches and keep them well away from the playing surface at all times.

Prior Notification of Arrangements
EKA’s Health and Safety Policy must be drawn to the attention of all players, coaches, managers and other involved adults. All members must adhere to the Policy.

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